On April 5, BFSE company, partner of the Climate Bonds Initiative, an international initiative focused on the organization of the market for investors and the mobilization of 100 trillion dollars on the green bond market, supported by an international auditing company "Baker Tilly Ukraine" held the First Ukrainian Finance Forum. The main purpose of the forum was the presentation of "green" bonds as the most advanced financial instrument to attract investment in projects associated with climate change. The forum was attended by representatives of the energy and heavy industries, representatives of the transport and financial sectors (banks, insurance companies, audit firms and asset management companies) and representatives of ministries and departments of Ukraine.The main topics of the forum were the introduction of the green bond issuance in Ukraine as a financial instrument for the implementation of renewable energy projects and energy efficiency.
     Speaking, Andrey Gonta noted the necessity to disclose by the potential issuer of information in the form of non-financial or integrated reporting and evaluation of its own ESG criteria for the upcoming issuance of climate bonds.Participants noted that after many studies, it became clear that "green" financial instruments, with a proper use and risk assessment, can solve many problems, including expanding financing for projects in the energy sector, strengthen the country's capacities and further integration into the global economic environment. These processes are resolved through the transition to the "green" investments, the instrument of which is "green" bonds.Prospects for the introduction of green bonds have been presented by Manuel Adamini - managing partner of the Climate Bonds Initiative, an international organization engaged in attracting green investments around the world.


“SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT POLICY: THE GERMAN EXPERIENCE IN ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL ISSUES, PERSPECTIVES OF USAGE IT IN UKRAINE " is a joint project of the KAS and young experts of KNEU named after Vadym Hetman and by NGO " Vilna energiya". The focus of this paper is made in financial instruments to combat social and environmental risks, the formation of a low carbon economy. The paper highlights the experience of construction and implementation of sustainable development in Germany and outlines the prospects for its use in Ukraine.

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"Nachhaltige Entwicklungspolitik: deutsche Erfahrungen bei der Lösung ökologischer und sozialer Probleme, Perspektiven deren Anwendung in der Ukraine" ist ein gemeinsames Projekt der KAS und junger Experten der Hetman-Wirtschaftsuniversität Kiew sowie der NGO "Freie Energie". Im Fokus standen Finanzinstrumente zur Bekämpfung sozialer und ökologischer Risiken und zur Entwicklung der kohlenstoffarmen Wirtschaft. In der Broschüre werden deutsche Erfahrungen der nachhaltigen Entwicklungspolitik dargestellt sowie Perspektiven deren Anwendung in der Ukraine erörtert.


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