Center for ESG Economics

     December 11, 2015 was opened the Center for Educational ESG Economics with support BFSE LLC, Synergizers, NGO "Vilna energіya", the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Ukraine, the audit company Baker Tilly, Eavex Capital and SHEE "KNEU named after Vadym Hetman. At the opening of the Center held a workshop devoted to assessing the economic and financial implications of the signing of a new climate agreement on the results of the UN Climate Conference (COP 21, Paris, France).

     Center for ESG Economics provided an opportunity for students to discover new knowledge in the field of environmental and social finance. The educational program has opened up new criteria for evaluating companies based on ESG factors. Experts and teachers of the Center will acquaint students with the emissions trading system, EU directives, environmental products world trade exchanges. Considered the new financial instruments the main aim of which is to attract capital in renewable energy projects and social projects.